Protect Your Electric Motors (Arduino Soft Starter)



When an electric motor is started, its current can reach up to 7 times its operation current. That means that its internal components might be damaged and lifecycle will decrease and also can cause unexpected failure before its programmed maintenance. One technique to avoid this damage to electric motors consist on start your motor by steps.

Step 1: Starting the Electric Motor

The required materias are:

- Arduino Leonardo

- Battery pack (4 AA bateries)

- Electric motor

- Transistor (Tip 31)

The starting of the electric motor will be tested in three ways. Firts starting with 100% of the energy, second starting with a Wye-Delta configuration, That means starting with 2/3 of the total energy, and finally a soft starter. The graphs shows the behaviour of the motor in the three cases and the table the its values.



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