Protect Your Mobile Privacy and Security



About: Private Mobile Communications

Mobile devices are literally spies in your pocket. Follow this brief guide and learn how to protect your privacy and improve your mobile phone security.

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Step 1: Regular Updates

Perform regular updates of system applications and OS. This will prevent vulnerabilities and possible security issues.

Step 2: Apps From Trusted Sources

Use and download apps only from trusted sources. Many applications request permissions that they don't need.

Step 3: Phone Password

Set a phone password and phone lock. Use app that can save crucial information – documents, emails, photos and videos in password protected fault. Prefect information leak, in case your phone is lost or stolen.

Step 4: WIFI

Never use unsecured WIFI connection. (Shopping malls, hotels, bars or restaurants)

Step 5: Phone USB

Disable USB data transfer. (Use USB port only for battery charging.) If your phone doesn't allow this option, seek expert advice.

Step 6: Bluetooth File Sharing

Turn off Bluetooth. Your Bluetooth port doesn't need to be open all the time. Use it only when it is absolutely necessary.

Step 7: Turn Off Your Cellphone GPS

Turn off GPS. Do not share your present location, every time you sign into your social network account. Many applications also ask for GPS access, be careful what you are installing.

Step 8: Encrypted Communication

Send encrypted text messages. End-to-end encryption will protect your communication privacy. The same apply for chat applications.

Step 9: Microphone and Camera

Hire professional to disable default microphone and phone camera. Malicious software can turn your phone into spying device.

Step 10: Antivirus

Install antivirus application from trusted source.



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