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First instructable so please be critical.

Anyway I'm just going to show you how to protect any file with androsa file protector,
on your desktop and on your thumb drive.

I am not endorsing this product for promotional purposes just helping the people who want to protect their files.


Step 1: First Go to Androsa's Website.

Androsa has many certificates so you know it is legally safe and is completely free!

First go here:

Choose the first link which reads
(also in picture)

Then the instillation program will pop up.
Go through the steps and you will soon have the program.

Step 2: Using the Program.

A shortcut is automatically installed to your desktop,
But you can go ahead and get rid of that,
And you'll see why.

Now lets create a file.
Perhaps you want to write your feelings and you dont want anybody to read them.
All you simply have to do is right click your file and choose androsa file protector.

Step 3: Set Password.

You will get a new window.

Now type in your password twice correctly to protect the file.
If you need to click "show password" and it will reveal what you type.
The loger your password the stronger it is.
As shown in the 5 bars to the right.
And as you see mine isnt very strong.

Be sure to memorize your password because it is impossible to recover them
and your file may be locked forever.

Once you have your password you can click "Protect"

Yes you can chose more than one file to protect at a time, and they will all have the same password.

When you protect correctly you will get the window shown in the third image.

Step 4: Unlocking File.

Unlocking your file is as simple as locking it.

Once again right click the protected file and chose androsa file protector.

Put in your password correctly and hit "Restore"

Hit "close"

And congratulations you unlocked your file!

Once you unlock it the previous password is gone forever so you will have to retype it twice again in order to protect it.

Step 5: Put on a Thumb Drive.

Plug in your thumb drive.

And go back to

Then Download

When the window pops up hit "accept"
then change you destination folder to your (F:) drive
The hit "Install"

**Will Take Longer Then The First Download**

Step 6: Organize.

When you reveal the folder to your (F:) drive you will see alot of files.
All you have to do is place them all in one folder.
(Will not corrupt use)
I recommend putting them in the doc folder just because its first.

Then so no one can delete the folder,
Right click the doc folder and click properties
Mark the hidden box and hit apply.
In the next window make sure "Apply changes to this folder only" is marked
not "Apply changes to this folder , subfolders and files"

Then click ok twice.

Step 7: Secret.

Now Whenever your thumb drive is accessed it'll seem as nothings there.
If you ever need to access that folder for any reason, just add
"doc" to the end of the url

And hit enter.

To lock any files just repeat steps 3 - 4

Step 8: Thank You

Thanks for using my Instructable i hope it was easy for you to understand
and please be as critical as you can. I want to improve.



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