Protect Your IPhone / IPod Sync Cable





Introduction: Protect Your IPhone / IPod Sync Cable

You know sometimes we have destroyed our precious iPhone cable?
No More!

Step 1: What Do You Need?

1. IPhone cable
2. Simple Pen

Step 2: Now What?

Break the pen and remove the spring from it.

Step 3:

The spring has to be rotated around the cable connections area .
you must to rotate the spring to the end to create a perfect protection.

Step 4: That's It...

For the best protection it has to be done on both sides of the cable.
Now the cable and the connections will maintain over time and save the cost of a new cable.


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2 years ago

I did this for my wife's iPhone charger. It worked great for several months but then the cord started to fray where the spring ended. Guess I need to find a longer spring.

Apple will replace the cable during your first year .... I've had mine replaced twice since Feb 2014 at the Apple store


4 years ago

It's called a strain relief , it helps from fraying the cable Apple is notoriously known for this, good instrucable

Best idea ever, I've gone threw probabialy 15 iPhone cables because of shorted out ends!

This is great I always break my headphones at the jack and I will use this for them, thanks!

This is a good idea except that it could short out the connections and stuff upi your ipad or iphone. I have used sugru on mine for cable repairs.

omg thank you so much i am almost through my second cable this helped so much!

Hi Ornevo,
This is a very good tip.Thank you very much for posting.I tried it out on my cables,works well.I guess you deserve a price.All the best.

1 reply

I have been using sugru, but this solution is simpler and recycles junk ballpoint parts. Bravissimo.