Protecting Phone Cable Using Craft/Fun Wire




Introduction: Protecting Phone Cable Using Craft/Fun Wire

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Protecting Lightning cable using Plastic covered Fun/Craft cable

  • Now, the binding wire won't repair or fix non-functioning old cables, but it will help keep your new cable in condition
  • Helps if the damage to your cables isn’t too severe (i.e. lightning cable is functioning)
  • Adequately flexible to prevent from further breaks
  • Rigid enough to hold the cable straight
  • Plastic coated binding wire is covered with plastic hence softer at the ends with no sharp edges popping out

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Step 1: What We Need?

  1. iPhone Lightning cable
  2. Plastic coated Craft/Fun/Binding Wire
  3. Glue Gun (optional)

Step 2: Unwind the Twists and Bends

Step 3: Wind the Binding Wire Around the Cable

  • Make sure there are no gaps between each winding
  • Make sure the winding is not overlapping
  • The winding should not be too tight, as it increase the tension on the elasticity of the Lightning cable
  • The winding should not be too loose, as it won't be able to provide the support to the cable
  • After winding the binding wire, rotate the binding wire coil to tighten or loosen the coil


  • Stick some glue at the ends of the binding wire after winding it around the lightning cable (The glue I used was soft, giving it more flexibility)

Existing work

  1. Using Springs
  2. Using Springs

Thank you for your time!

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    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    Great life hack. I am going to have to try this with several of my cords.


    Reply 2 years ago

    Thank you!
    You may also use a different gauge of binding wire depending on the thickness of the cable.