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Cleaning and securing The Ruger P90 Pistol..
Always exercise GUN SAFETY..
Cleaning your firearm regularly can protect against the elements (weather/water/dirt) it prevents gunky build up, rust, misfires, operation errors..
Securing your firearm will prevent theft and an accidental child/firearm incident.
Thiers are many different devices on the market for gun safety. I encourage use of any safety devices and layers of them.. In this Instructable I'm using a cable padlock type.

Step 1: Check Pistol. Completely Unloaded.

Drop clip out, by pressing eject button just below trigger. Pull side back and press slide lock lever up. It will hold the slide back.. Inspect chamber to insure it completely unloaded..

Step 2: Dissembling Slide

In the camber area is a tab. press it downward until it clicks.. pull slide back and press the slide lock lever out. next turn lever 180°.. pull back the slide again and it would slide right off the front of the trigger platform.

Step 3: Remove Barrel

remove spring by pressing forward then angel to the side and remove. slide barrel forward angle and pull out.

Step 4: Cleaning

With gun cleaner on swab, clean inside of barrel.. then use wire brush. swab again then wipe dry using cotton rag.
A small brush with cleaner is useful for getting in some spots.. wipe dry with rag.

Step 5: Oil or Grease?

some say grease some say oil.. I like using oil.. oil all moving parts. wipe up excess oil..

Step 6: Reassemble Pistol

First insert barrel into slide. Then place the spring into place. Align slide with track on trigger platform, pull slide back. Turn slide lever back 180°. Pull slide back and hold back while pushing slide lever in. Release slide and insert clip.

Step 7: Storing Pistol Safe and Secure.

Remove clip. Pull slide back and lock into open position. Feed cable down though the grip. Lock pad lock. Place the pistol in a safe and the hide the keys in a different safe place. And don't forget the combination. Storing your ammunition under lock and key in a different area is a good idea too.



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    13 Discussions


    4 years ago on Introduction

    OMG that is the most useful info I have ever seen on instructables. Thx for the tips you have me thinking now.

    1 reply

    4 years ago on Introduction

    I had a kp95 years ago, one of the few I wish I woulda kept but wouldn't swap the S&W i traded for it for anything. The one I had needed a fair bit of polishing on the ramp when I got it but after worked great.

    2 replies

    Reply 4 years ago

    I think the ruger kp95 is a 9 mm with textured hand grip ? also has the mounting rail for accessories?


    Reply 4 years ago

    Yeah mine was a 9mm but one of the early ones without the rail. At the time I wanted something bigger so that's why I traded a guy straight across for a S&W model 60. Only thing I really remember about the grip was it had a hogue sleeve on it. I really like the p series I just wish they made a 357, if they did I'd probably already own one. For some reason that caliber guns kept falling in my lap over the years for prices to good to pass up.


    4 years ago

    Good work! Glad to see someone teach weapon safety and maintenance.

    1 reply