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Introduction: Protector of the Trees

A small and easy instructable is dedicated to those like me who love nature and want to minimize the likelihood of damage.
By the time I was wondering why the lack in every normal trimmer of a "catch" that do not allow the operator to advance in the presence of obstacles such as: pallets, stones of a certain height but especially trees; those who like me use the brushcutter frequently found himself to admit, unfortunately when it was already too late to be gone "too far" and had damaged the bark of a tree in his garden, due to the plastic blades that had hit; among other things, the negative effect of this fact it has also, in the case of stones or poles, over the lifetime of the blades that, going to slam with solid bodies wear out much more quickly.

I decided to remedy the problem with a homemade and easy accessory application.

Step 1: Il Materiale

I apologize right now for not having posted a sequence of images of the various phases.
However, this is a creation easy and intuitive and that it had critical steps.

To realize my "barrier" I used two recycled elements:

1) a piece of nylon tube, very stiff.

It is a former hose to appliance I had in "surplus warehouse".

2) a faulty furnace, coming from the same place.

After cutting and straightened in the vise former resistance, I tucked in the nylon tube, to give all the proper stiffness.

So I ran two 10 mm holes in the protective plastic, to allow the insertion of the structure and then attach it to continue for brush cutter pole using cable of suitable size.

Through the central bar gives greater strength to all and, through the same you can bar a possible adjustment of the distance.

Step 2: Conclusions

And here's my implementation (already working) that allows me now to cut the grass with much more peace of mind, always, of course, paying due attention.
Thank you all for your attention and, if you want to subscribe to my implementation, I'll be delighted.

See you next ...

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    thank you very much!!

    It was my week end project...