Protosynth: Prototyping Synthesizer!





Introduction: Protosynth: Prototyping Synthesizer!

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There are so many different kinds of synthesizers out there that are premade, preprogrammed, and relatively locked in in terms of effects. We thought making a synthesizer that allowed you to go to the breadboard level might allow people to experiment with more analog effects, with their own circuits! The video shows our step by step process of making the Protosynth.

A new version can be found here:



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    Awesome! All you need is to add two more oscillators and allow the third oscillator to control the other two and/or the filter cutoff ;). The polyphony is awesome too!

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    We're glad you were inspired by the protosynth! And the sid chip emulation has the ability to do the oscillation thing too :) Glad you liked the project!

    Hi! The video pretty much shows each step that we went through. Dimensions will differ from synth to synth because of the keyboard size :p