Prototype 03 - Rotational Casting - Lasercut 3Dprinting




Introduction: Prototype 03 - Rotational Casting - Lasercut 3Dprinting

This was a school assignment /project /workshop.

Its still a Prototype (version 03) so I will not explain every step but I provide more than enough pictures to follow how I assembled it.

One of my design goals is to cut all laser parts into two sheets of 3mm MDF(600mm x 460mm) which are standard measurements of my local Fablab.

This was the workshop

The main issue now is that the belt loses its grip on the wheels

other problems that occur and need to be solved are

-Z axis wobbles

-belt needs to be smaller so that wheels could be smaller

-attachment of the wheels

-reinforcement of the corners

-M8 threaded rod --> M6

-avoid as much as possible glue

I will update this project when its fully function and when I am happy with everything, and then I will put the parts and files online. If you want them now send me a message

IDC IPO ipo HOWEST howest prototyping tutorial

Step 1: Print and Laser Cut All Your Parts

Step 2: Bottom

stack two plates on each other

Step 3: Legs

Assemble legs

Step 4: Bearing Holders

Step 5: Outer Frame

Step 6: Inner Frame

Step 7: Close Up Rotating Parts

this part of the assembly isn't really clear because alot of thing needs to be changed or a temporarily

Step 8: Youtube

Step 9:

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    3 years ago

    Did you ever get to the point where it was working proberly? You never published the files...


    3 years ago

    Do you have any of the files you could share? Would love to



    5 years ago

    your belt tensioner needs to be a pulley so not to cause drag,


    Reply 5 years ago

    wish I was on a school like this, where you can laser-cut your projects. Always had to break in my fathers toolshed, to build at least something... great project dude