Prototype With PCBWay

About: Hi, I'm Johan Link, a 18 years old student living in Switzerland. I love robotics, computers, 3D printing, photography and skate.

I wanted to make a PCB as small as possible. I needed to use QFN components, but these components are difficult to solder yourself. So I used the PCBWay assembly service. I was amazed by the PCBWay customer service, they answered all my questions by mail, and very quickly. I had already used PCBWay to make this.

Step 1: Design a PCB

To design your PCB, you can use EAGLE. To manufacturer your PCB, you will need two important files:

  • A BOM file
  • Gerbers files

With EAGLE you can export your PCB in gerber file, it's just a file which contain your PCB design.

The BOM file is a list of all the components which are used in your PCB. You can make a BOM with excel.

Step 2: Design a Case for the PCB

To design a case, you can use Fusion 360. It's a really good software to make 3D object. You can export your design in STL file and you can print it easily. If you don't have a 3D printer you can use 3dhubs to print what you want.



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