Prototype Configuration for a USB Powered Low Cost; Real Time Continuous Radiation Monitoring System for Hospital Surgical Pathology, Hematology, Biological Waste Management and Research Facilities



Prototype configuration for a USB Powered Low cost; real time continuous radiation monitoring system for Hospital Surgical Pathology, Hematology, Biological waste management and Research facilities

Running Title: USB Powered Continuous Radiation Monitoring for Field Research

R. Siderits M.D. 1, C. Rimmer M.D.1, D. Sung PGYIV,  A. Weiss 2, B. Hoffman 4,
H. Rahimi 3, O. Ouattara 1, W. Lecorchick 1, M. Maksymow 1

1. RWJ University Hospital Hamilton -Experimental-Path Dept.
2. Engineer SparkFun Corporation
3. PGYIV RWJ Medical School
4. Engineer National Instruments


The increasing use of radioactive materials in imaging and treatment modalities in combination with 1) the evolving complexity (and integration) of medical, laboratory and research environments and 2) the potential for E-Waste contamination moniotoring has prompted us to consider the value of configuring a real time, USB powered radiation monitoring device that is inexpensive, robust and flexible. Rational: Radioactive isotopes may be used during imaging studies, during surgical procedures or may be given to patients for cancer treatment. Radioactive contamination may occur in several areas in the hospital including surgical pathology, radiation physics “hot bench”, hematology and biological waste management. Monitoring for contamination, in real time, is needed to maintain a safe workplace and for efficiently managing hospital material for transportation. In response to these considerations we have described the configuration of a low cost USB powered, real time, radiation monitoring system which can provide audible and visual alerts, time stamping of events, email notification, maintenance logs, form based data logging and traffic-control lighting for “Stop and Scan” modes. We discuss several different implementation strategies of the prototype.



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