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Introduction: Proud Peacock Pincushion

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This lovable feathered friend will wear your pins with pride & lift your spirits while you work! I decided to make a pincushion for a good friend of mine who loves to sew. I wanted something unique and fun to fit her personality, & this is what I conjured up. I was so pleased with the results that I may have to make one for myself too! 

You will need:
Blue yarn ( mine was kind of fuzzy)
Blue felt
yellow 10 thread
H crochet hook
5 crochet hook
ribbon for edging
2 buttons for eyes
Handful of stuffing
Small spool (empty)
Pins (I used colorful ball long pins)
OPTIONAL: magnet & metal plate

PEACOCK PATTERN: (I described how to do something in general instead of a specific stitch count)

Work in continuos rounds with your H hook

Work 6 sc in a magic ring
2 sc in each sc around
sc in each sc around (3 rounds)
Dec 2 together 3 times, then sc in remaining 6 sc
Dec 2 together 3 times, then sc in reamining 3 sc
(stuff the head)

Continuing on from the head sc in each sc around (5 rounds)
(stuff the neck)

2 sc in each sc around
sc in each sc around
*sc in the "front" half of the sc of the round, & 2 sc in each of the remaining sc. (increase back portion but remains even in the front)
~sc in each sc around
Alternate between the * and ~ rounds 4 times
sc in each sc around
dec together every 2 sc in rounds until the bottom comes to a close. (stuff the body as you work it closed)
Finish off & hide your tail

FEET: (This is general because the spools size will vary)
Using the yellow thread & smaller hook to crochet a sleeve that will cover the small spool you are using. 
Work 2 shells in the front of the sleeve to resemble feet. (ch 3, 3 treble in same sc, ch 3, join to base = shell)
Sew the covered spool to the bottom of the peacocks body.

With your yellow thread & small hook Ch 10
Join together creating a ring
sc in each ch around (3 rounds)
dec around until it comes to a point.
Finish off
Sew the beak in place using the tail.

For the tail cut a large tear drop shape from the felt (as far as size goes that's sort of up to you & your preference)
For the wings cut 2 "horn" shapes. (You can also use my pictures as a guide for size on your bird)
Crochet along the edges of the tail & wings using your ribbon & poking holes through the felt with your hook as you go.
Hot glue or sew them in place. 

Hot glue or sew on the eyes you've selected
add your pins where you like them
If you would like you can glue a magnet to the bottom of the feet to help collect those stray pins. 


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    8 years ago on Introduction

    very creative! i wish i knew how to do this stuff, i am no good when it comes to sewing like this haha


    8 years ago on Introduction

    That is a really fancy pincushion! I love that you use the tail. Genius! :D