Proven Effective, Cheap and Easy Throat Lozenges ! You Owe It to Yourself !

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If you are the spartan sort and have no time to read, keep just one Zinc Gluconate tablet handy ! Stashed in a tiny ziplock bag it would fit in a wallet and last for years. ( They're sold in anyplace vitamins are sold )

As soon as you suspect a sore throat or cold coming on..... A nibble, just a bit and let it stay in your mouth minimum 3 minutes. ( That will last hours ) and it can reduce your throat infection by a little or a lot !!!

You don't have to be intrepid, check out more steps on making a SOFT LOZENGE ;)

Step 1: Less ZINC and Softer Is Better So -Pulverizing Time !!! Put Some Zeal Into It. Pretend Your Smashing Germs!

Place a tablet in a napkin or towel, crush with a coffee mug or hammer kinda thingy

A fine powder works best for many reasons

Ready for the next step? Or keep reading for more ideas and details on obtaining zinc gluconate. :)

Zinc Gluconate tablets - super easy to find in supermarkets and pharmacies, in the vitamin section labeled "ZINC" and they're usually in alphabetical order.

Many stores have BOGO sales ( Buy One Get One free ). Tablets are usually 50mg, 100count per bottle.
Here's the kicker, price breakdown. Just one tablet can make 5-6 lozenges the same strength as the branded product. This is way stronger than I like or need. But if you look at that 2 bottles that cost me $5 I could make a thousand or two!! I previously bought product for $5 - $6 for EIGHTEEN lozenges !!!

Step 2: Pick a Carrier. Caramel? Gummy Bear? Bread?

You can certainly be very creative and use a no cook method --for example using a bit of chewy caramel. Melting a gummy bear in a microwave. Taking a bit a gelatin product but using almost no water. I imagine you could cook up some cornstarch with a bit of water, or even take a portion of bread that is not grainy and knead a bit of agave syrup or honey into it.

Caramel is easiest. With clean hands you can pinch and soften it. I use about a quarter of a cube per lozenge. I like to pinch it flat like a tiny taco. Drop a pinch of the zinc gluconate in the center folding and flattening again. Repeat as long as you like- it is fun like a bit of playdough, but you will want to blend it so powder doesn't spill.

A gummy bear or jelly bean, you can place on a plate and microwave 5-10 seconds or whatever until it just barely starts to melt. And you would NOT WANT TO TOUCH THIS with bare hands it would be sticky and HOT. Consider too, unless you add some corn starch, or powdered sugar it will not stick to your palate. It would cool just as hard.

Bread: remember to use it the same day because unlike candy it is not shelf stable.

Step 3: The Blend Is Your Friend ! Pop It or Wrap It, Your Good to Go !

Push the lozenge like I do on the soft palate, ( like where peanut butter gets stuck in the back ). Between the gums and cheek, wherever so it lasts, the longer the better. Or to save a bunch you can put some in cornstarch , powdered confectioners sugar so they don't stick to each other in a tightly cover container.

Remember your experimenting with how much carrier you like and current advisories may be as little as 30-50mg zinc per day. My experience is having the "lozenge" in my mouth for minimum 3 minutes, with only a tiny bit of zinc (3mg), it creates a barrier foiling the germs for an hour minimum. I would use a stronger dose if the sore throat is established, but because it is harder to taste food with larger doses. Of course you can place another lozenge after you eat.

BE WELL , BE SELFISH and share so less people get sick, ( that is right, it can be used prophylactically ).



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