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Introduction: Ps1 Ipod Dock

 this a a ipod dock I made out of a ps1. It is actually very easy to make, minor dremiling required. a very interesting conversation starter    

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Step 1: Crack It Open!

Remove the screws on the bottom of the ps1, then tear at the innards. Don't worry about damaging the internal components, unless you plan on using them for something else later. On the controller/ memory card assembly, remove the green board on the back. This is hard, but necessary. Take every thing out. There should be no metal left in the bottom.    

Step 2: Dremel It

Mark where you need to cut for your ipod on the top half of the ps1. Before you dremel, remove the lid. On the controller port, pry of the board. Then, remove the metal from inside the roof of the ports. Proceed to dremel the areas shown in the pictures. 

Step 3: Cover Gaping Hole and Add Support

When you finish dremeling, you may be thinking, "What did i just do!". When you see a hole not shaped like an ipod, don't worry. Cut a piece of fabric that fits where you would normally put a game disk ( leave a hole in it for your ipod of course) and glue it in an appropriate position. (cut holes where needed so lid can still function) tape and/or glue in place. 

To make a cradle for your ipod, take a small block of Styrofoam that can fit inside of the ps1(cut where needed, but leave enough to cover the hole by one or two inches) and make a crevice just shallow enough for an ipod and leave it without a "wall" on the part towards the front of the ps1. (so you can plug in the usb cord).  

Step 4: Paint!

You may want to do this before putting the fabric on( I did not) but you need to mask of enough of the area that you only paint the parts UNDER where the lid closes. The color is up to you, but it should match the fabric. 

Step 5: Resemble and Enjoy!

Put it back together and run usb cord out the back of the ps1. Plug that in to one of those usb-to-wall-power-converters, then enjoy. 

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