Public Conversation Starters

Introduction: Public Conversation Starters

About: Hi, I'm George Zisiadis. I'm a San Francisco based artist and designer. My unique projects playfully re-imagine people’s relationships to their environments and to themselves. When not creating, I do freelan…

"Public Prompts" are inspiring public conversation starters. They're meant to help break the ice with the stranger next to you when you’re riding public transit.

I created the design using Adobe Illustrator and with the help of my friend Ben Hanna. I laid out a 2x4 grid of prompts. Each one is about 2x as big as a business card. I put a different funny question in each prompt for a total of 8 unique prompts per sheet. 

Next, I printed a few sheets, cut them into individual prompts, got some gluestick, and started sticking them onto public transit seats. 

Definitely experiment with the visual design and questions!
Here are links to my filled and blank templates. 

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    6 years ago

    Hopefully the MTA allows it. Cool idea!