Publishing With Particle Photon and IFTTT

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Hi everybody. My name is Arthur Lorencini and I am a student at UFES - BR (Federal University of Espírito Santo - Brazil). We have a makerspace here and we asked Particle if they could help us with some IoT boards. We've applied for their makerspace empowerment program and they've sent us some kits.
This is my first project at Hackster and it's about how do you integrate Particle Photon publishes events with IFTTT.

IT IS NOT FINISHED YET! But don't worry. It's a work in progress.


  • Particle Photon
  • Breadboard
  • Push Button
  • Some wires

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Step 1: Project Planning

We want to be able to publish events when the board changes some status. For example, if it is online, if some variable changed status, if a function returned some value, etc. We also want to IFTTT applet to trigger and send messages to some app, for instance, to my Twitter account and my Telegram group. Let's start with the simplest one. When a device gets online, it'll send some notifications for you. That'll be our "hello world" for now.

Step 2: Schematics and Code

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