Publishing Your Panoramic Image to Google Maps / Street View



So you've shot this really great 360 panoramic image and want to share it on Google Maps / Street View. The instructions and various sources on the web can be a bit confusing so I put this tutorial together.

First, this assumes you already have a completed stitched image - the process for adding images shot in your phone/tablet or using a dedicated 360 camera are similar.

Step 1: Setup Google Drive

You can copy the pano image to your device and upload from there, or you can add it to your Google Drive account. I chose Google drive since it's probably going to be used most. I have a folder called "pano images" for my, well, pano images. Upload your pano(s) to their own folder - it makes things easier.

Step 2: Adding the Panoramic

Next - watch the video. I cover it all, live. At one point I experienced a connectivity issue with my wireless - I left that in because it effects the process. With no connection, you won't have some functionality and options.

You can upload your 360 image and have in on Google maps almost instantly!



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