Pucket Game

For the Sevice Design Tour in Köln we wanted to reward our hosts with a souvenir "thank you" gift. We found one on https://etgames.co.uk/ a super nice game designed so that I could be laser cut.

Here is the illustrator file to re-do it, hope you enjoy it!

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Step 1: Download Illustrator File

Here is the illustrator file with the laser cut modeled - These are all the pieces for ONE game set, you can repeat the design depending on the size of the laser cutter and the material that you are cutting.

Step 2: Laser Cut the Game :)

Be careful of not loosing any parts :)

We used plywood for it but you can use MDF or maybe even hard cartboard.

Step 3: Choose the Rubber Band.

As you might want to change the size of the game, remember that maybe the walls should be taller and the rubberband longer as well. Make sure you think your size according to an existing rubberband so you can change it every time it breaks.

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