Pugil Sticks



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If you remember American Gladiators or have been to Marine Boot camp like me you will enjoy this.

Step 1: Supplies

Very simple
2 Closet dowels $2.50
2 dollar store noodles 4.00
measuring device

Step 2: Assembly

The noodles are 56 inches so you get four 14 inch pieces. Keep in mind that you need to leave at least the thickness of the pad at the end for Jabs.

The USMC guide says to use 2 inch oak and sleeping mats covered in canvass. Those were alot heavier and stronger.

Step 3: End Plugs

The smaller noodles cut in half rolled up make a great plug.

Step 4: Glue

The gorilla glue expands and will bond nicely to foam. Dab the glue on the Dowell and twist on the foam. The center pad is not glued due to the fact its smaller and hard to move and glue would be on the grip after sliding it on. When the glue is dry glue in the plugs.

Step 5: Battle



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