whenever i started knitting (a great time) i knew that i wanted to make little animals, which at the time i didn't know they were called amigurumi. Of coarse when coming up with things to make i picked one of my favorite dogs, the pug or as some call it the pug dog and these cute pug dogs come from china and were prized by emperors and lived in luxurious accommodations. some were even guarded by soldiers! they are one of the three short nosed dogs of china,the lion-dog, the pekingese and the Lo-sze an ancient pug. how cool! hope you enjoy them,especially now that you've had a history lesson on them :)

These putatoes are AMAZING toys, but whenever you give these toys to small children, you should embroiderer little eyes due to them detaching or coming off and the child choking

Don't forget the butter!! These pugtatoes are able to be done in 3 different ways to do the eyes, you can use small black beads (middle) the big plastic eyes that are different colors (right) or small black plastic eyes (left)

Happy Knitting!!!



Yarn:(I got red heart super saver yarn) medium 4 worsted weight 100% Acrylic

Needles: US3 3.25mm needles


Knitting Abbreviation:



k2tog=knit 2 stitches together


CO=cast on (add sts)

BO=bind off (taking sts off)

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Step 1: The Body

CO 20 sts in beige

k 2" worth of knit st


Step 2: Shaping

You need to sew the needle several times back and forth through the peice and sew it up and pick the face side

Step 3: Stuffing

Stuff with the end of a needle

Step 4: Ears and Mouth

the ears and mouth are done the same

CO 4 sts k2 rows fasten off

sew on on sides and mouth

Step 5: Sewing

Sew the ears and mouth flat on the face

Step 6: The Tail

curl a bit of pipe cleaner and poke it into the pug and your done, hope you liked it! (don't forget to add butter!! :D )

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    1 year ago

    My daughter says this is "Super adorable!" She is going to make it. Particulalrly with the HUGE eyes! We will post a picture when it is complete.

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    1 year ago

    Those are precious, I love the one with the giant eyes!

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