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Introduction: Puking Pirate

We are in the process of building one of this years main attraction for Halloween!!!!!!!!

We try and change or add to themes and I think this one is a hoot! He still needs all the window dressings but we had him fired up and recycles about every 20 seconds or so. 

I will continue to update as progress is made.

A short video can be seen at :  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZWDh-6GrgI

Step 1: Materials

1" pvc pipe and fittings
1/2" pvc pipe about 20' more if you go big! and fittings
a float switch pump
hose to connect
2 buckets
a sink drain with a pop up stopper
foam rubber
1/2" black automotive hose
Sheet metal (had some flashing for a home project)
corrugated cardboard

Step 2: Head

I picked a rubber mask and cut a piece of foam rubber to fit, not to tight but big enough to hold it's form. The foam rubber was from an old mattress.

Using a straight piece of metal coat hanger I heated it with a torch and melted (hollowed out) a space to fit a piece of 1/2 pipe with a T fitting that had small pieces of pipe already glued in. This allows for mounting the head to the structure. I glued the upright piece in the T once I had the T in the head.

Also I hollowed a space to snake a piece of hose so the outlet was at his mouth. I used some black automotive hose I had laying around. On the end I put a hose clamp then bent it closed a little to widen and thin out the water stream.

Step 3: Structure

I used 1" pipe for the base then 1/2 for the verticle structure. The 2 rear vertical pipes are just to keep some weight off the 1" to 1/2 connector. 

The unit is fairly strong but wobbles. This works out real well when the pump primes and sends a blast of water thru the hose. It looks like he's winding up for the gush of water.

I left the arms and head support unglued to allow ease of adding the window dressings when I find the right materials.

Step 4: Pump System

I used a little giant pool cover float switch pump for my swimming pool cover as mine. I started with a much larger pump but could not recapture the water so opted for the smaller volume pump. 

The pump goes in the lower bucket and the return from the pirate goes into the bucket with the sink drain installed. The flow between the 2 buckets is controlled by the pop up drain. To much flow and it runs constantly. But once you figure out how much water to put in the system and the rate of return from the top bucket it shuts down in between belches.  By looping the hose up and securing it near the shoulder area it wobbles when the float switch gets made and the pumps kicks on and the puke starts flowing.

We had to quite down the return water as he appeared to be relieving himself after every puke. A 1 1/2 piece of pipe over the drain down to the pump did this well. I'm probably going to move the return bucket position to hide it from view.

The support I installed in the head allows for rotation so  the flow could be aimed into the catch bucket. Leaving the head support unglued allows for height alignment with the bucket.

Step 5: Window Dressing

Just starting the window dressing. Using sheet metal flashing and pop riveting it to the pvc pipe. Added 4 strips then slit some cardboard, be careful not to cut all the way thru and riveted that to the sheet metal. Added horizontal strips to look like metal bands on a wood barrell. Used a hot glue gun to connect the cardboard to the cardboard.

A little stain, some black spray paint for the bands and a black sharpie to run up and down between the slits and there it is.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    a video of the final result would probably go a long way here


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    I've updated with a link to a short one. We'll post a longer version when all set and done.