Pukis (Coconut Milk Cakelets)




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My 6 year old prefers to call these cakelets as boat cakes as they resemble boat shape to him :)

Step 1: Materials

To make these cakelets, you will need a specific pan such as shown. They are available online or at baking store, and they are on the heavy side, with a lid on top.

This pan can be used not just on fire top stove but also glass top stove and also in oven.

You will also need chocolate rice or Dutch hagelslag. They may appear the same as sprinkles/jimmies, but they are so much better than regular sprinkles which are made of sugar and egg white. Chocolate rice are made of milk, butter and chocolate. Available online, Asian store, or at a specialty store.

250 ml can coconut milk

1/2 tbsp instant yeast granules

3 eggs

100 g sugar

150 g flour

Step 2: How to Make the Cakelets

Simmer coconut milk then take off from heat. Let cool until lukewarm then sprinkle with yeast, stir lightly and let it bloom for 10-15 mins.

Beat sugar and egg until fluffy, then beat in flour a little at a time until combined

Stir in coconut milk mixture then let stand at room temperature until fluffy (on kitchen counter), for 15 mins

Heat cakelet pan on medium heat, brush with butter/margarine/oil

Pour batter into cavities half way up

Sprinkle with chocolate rice generously and top with lid

Cook until surface is dry to the touch

Best served warm


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    3 years ago

    That should work in a cupcake pan in the oven, too, right? Looks so good!

    3 replies

    Reply 3 years ago

    i have never tried, and to be honest, I'd say it would work but texture would be differ, since cupcake mold are light and thin? The mold for the cakelets are super heavy


    Reply 3 years ago

    Ah, learned something new again. Didn't know about those cakelets molds. Thanks for letting me know! :-)