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I always like to make my own birthday cards for friends and family, but this time I wanted something different. So I got the idea to make a pull out card. Let me show you how to make your own!

Step 1: What You Need

To make this card you should have the following items:

- a sheet of thick paper or cardboard that you can fold into card-size dimensions
- another piece of paper or cardboard for the slider, at least the same length as the card
- a printer that can print on thick paper could be useful (I used it to print the graphics)
- a knife to cut out the shapes, flaps etc.
- glue for paper/cardboard

Step 2: How It Works

Because it was getting late when I made this, I didn't take that many pictures. But I made some schemes in SketchUp to show how this card works.

In the pictures you can see the card open, before it is glued. The slider moves through a gap between the flaps on the right and stays horizontal because of the T-shape. I rounded the corners on the T to make it easier to slide.

The window in the front should be a little smaller than the slider, so you never see the edges. The gap on the right should be a little bigger than the slider.

To make for a clean image on the front, you have to make sure the slider has the same color as the front, and that it has no decorations, otherwise you will see them move along with the slider. I just made it blue, and I left a clear strip in the front image without clouds.

Unless you really want your message to pop out, you have to make sure the background for your text also has the same color as the front. This also has to be a little bigger than the window, so you won't see any edges.

After you made all the pieces, the airplane (or car/boat/dinosaur/...) will be attached to the grey spot on the slider (see image). Make sure your airplane is bigger than the window, otherwise it can slide underneath the front part of the card.

Step 3: How to Make

Here is a scheme to show which parts you will have to make. I didn't add any dimensions, because I used an odd-sized card and you can make it any size you want.

Make sure you have enough paper to make the flaps. If you want to put text on the back, remember to rotate it!

It is best to make the 'card' piece first and cut the window. Make sure everything lines up, and that you have enough space. Then make the slider so that it fits nicely inside, and is still easy to pull out.

To attach the airplane on the slider (after you glued the front) I used an extra piece of paper in between, to give it a tiny bit of added 'height' to make it slide easier. This can be especially useful when using thicker sheets of cardboard.

That's it! Let's see the result...

Step 4: The Finished Pull Out Birthday Card

After about 2 hours of drawing, scanning, coloring, printing, cutting and glueing I had this card. It requires some patient and precise cutting, but really isn't that difficult to make.

Of course you can make countless variations with cars, boats, trains, animals, etc. I hope you like it, and as always I'm very interested in your ideas and comments!



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2 years ago

Love it, thank you! I was thinking a witch on a broomstick for Halloween, Santa on his sleigh for Christmas.


2 years ago

Yeah, this is good, but actually step by step is a better technique personally for me and I would like to see more of this in the tutorial. I am a crafty creative pupil eager to learn from CLEAR INSTRUCTIONS for a complex project that I need mechanisms for.

This is an awesome card! I made it for my friends b-day and she loved it!!!!! Thank you for this instructable!!!! I love the pull out part the best!!!!!!


4 years ago

I can't glue it there's nothing shown how to glue the slider ..... Horrible my card is destroyed:(


4 years ago on Introduction

People....get a life. This is a really cute card, and it is free. He did not have to post it at all. This is so easy to hand cut you don't even need a PDF. Can't anyone be thankful to those who post things like this without being so negative all the time??

Mr Debos, Thank you! I plan on making this card this weekend for my 2 yr old grandson only I want to make it a train. He LOVES trains!


Reply 5 years ago on Step 3

I suppose you're talking about the website in general and not about my instructable, so I won't take your comment the wrong way... If you have a problem with the site, please let the admin know instead of me.


6 years ago on Step 3

boy am I glad I didn't chuck out any money on this b/c nothing works...download pdf does not work...just takes u to sign in page which I am already signed in, thank you very much and to print the pdf...forget it...does not work. oh yeah be nice comment policy...get your stuff to work, and than we'll be nice!

1 reply

Reply 5 years ago on Step 3

Downloading PDF is for Pro Membership, however if you use a little creativity I think the instructable is clear enough to make this without a printed PDF.