Pull Out Hanger Racks

Introduction: Pull Out Hanger Racks

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This is a simple metalworking project. " Pull out hanger racks ".

I made these to our basement, but same design works inside closet too.

We had little empty space in our storage room that i wanted to get in use.

This instructable contains two, aprox 5min videos, instead of one long.

Wanted to test would it make my instructables easier to follow...?


2mm sheet

16mm pipe

10mm rod

4mm plate

3mm x 20mm flat bar.

20mm x 20mm nylon rod. 2 pcs.

Screws and nuts.

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Step 1: Beginning..

I got some stainless steel pipes and rods free.

Those we're stored outsides with mild steel rods. That's why surface was rusty.

I removed rust with my diy pipe sander attachment, after that pipes and rods we're like new.

I cut pipes to length 600mm.

Then i made brackets from 4mm thick plate. I had suitable piece in my scrap box.

Drilled 16mm hole to the center of the bracket, and two 6mm holes for mounting screws.

Mounting holes are placed 15mm distance from the outer edges.

After drilling the holes, i cut brackets to size 30mm x 100mm.

Step 2: Front Bracket..

Front bracket is made from 2mm mild steel sheet.

Piece is cut to size, 450mm x 95mm. Used angle grinder and 1mm thick cut off wheel for cutting.

Rounded the end with flap wheel.

Made bends to the sides. Bracket is bend to u-shape, bottom is 55mm wide and sides 20mm high.

Used my diy bending brake for bending.

My bending brake has possibility to adjust bending radius.

I used 5mm radius for bending.

Drilled 16mm hole to the rounded end, to the center line and 30mm distance from the edge.

And two 4mm holes for mounting screws to other end. 10mm from the outer sides, and 25mm from the outer end.

Then i marked 45 degree lines to 50mm distance from the outer end, to both directions, so that result is 90 degrees.

Cut previously marked pieces out with angle grinder, and made 90 degree bend with my diy press.

Result is L- shaped bracket.

Step 3: Welding Together..

Parts are weld slightly together.

I used stick welder, but there's no matter what method is used.

After first tack welds, i checked that parts are right angled.

There's no need for full welds, small tacks are enough.

Video shows the making of this stage.

Another video shows the making of pull outs.

Step 4: Making Pull Outs..

Pull outs are made from 10mm stainless rod.

Used stainless, because i got it free.

I am that much cheapskate, that otherwise i would have used cheaper steel rods.

Rods are cut to lenght 1200mm. I made bend with 70mm diameter.

Starting from the 580mm distance from the end.

Used my diy rod bender.

Step 5: Roller Brackets..

Roller brackets are made from 3mm x 20mm flat bar.

Bracket is bend to "U"- shape.

Piece is 224mm long.

Holes for mounting the rollers are placed to 15mm distance from the ends.

First and second bends are 85mm distance from the center point of the mounting holes.

Last bend is at the centerpoint of the piece. ( 12mm from the first and second bends )

Bends nro 1 and 2 are made to 22.5 degree.

Third bend is 45 degree.

This gives mixes V-U shape. Cap between the sides is about 22mm

Rounded the brackets with my diy belt sander attachment.

Step 6: Rollers..

I made rollers from left over pieces of nylon.

Those we're cut outs from 20mm thick nylon plate.

Made with 24mm the hole saw.

I shaped them with my diy lathe and dremel equipped with sanding drum.

Finished the surface with fine file.

Weld parts together and painted brackets with black paint.

Video shows the making of this stage.

Step 7: Finished..

And ready.

Pull out hanger racks.

Easy to use and gives use for the space that we wasted earlier.

Thanks for watching!


Tuomas Soikkeli

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