How to Make a Cheap Pull Pin Airsoft Grenade

Introduction: How to Make a Cheap Pull Pin Airsoft Grenade

One thing I dont like doing is carying matches or lighters into an airsoft battle.  Lighters are sometimes too big and it seems like you have to pull the trigger a thousand of times before you get the flame.  And it seems like you need 3 hands to light a match and to get it to the fuse of your grenade.  So i came up with an idea to light a fuse with the pull of a pin!

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Step 1: Things You Will Need

  1. Hot glue
  2. Knife
  3. Scissors
  4. Needle nose plyers
  5. Electric tape
  6. Penny matches
  7. Key chain loop
  8. Small fire cracker
  9. Used party poper
  10. Card board
  11. Airsoft bbs
  12. Paper clip

Step 2: The Grenade

First your going to have to cut the skinny part off of the party poper. (Don't cut yourself on this part, cause I did!)  The hole should be big enough for the fire cracker to fit through.  Then put hot glue around the tip of the fire cracker and put it throught the hole in the party poper, make sure the fuse is sticking out of the party poper.  Next, trace the party poper on a piece of card board and cut out the circle.  After it is cut out, fill the party poper with airsoft bbs.  Then cut a piece of electrical tape length wise and secure the cardboard circle to the party poper.

Step 3: The Fuse

Now cut 2 of the penny matches just barely shorter than the fuse of the firecracker. Then put a dab of hot glue on the side of the match (make sure the glue isn't near the head of the match). Then stick the match to the fuse and do the same to the other match. Then cut a narrow piece of electrical tape and wrap it around the match. (not the match heads though).  Make sure its tight.

Step 4: The Pin

Now cut the ignitor off the box of penny matches.  Take 2 new matches and place the heads in the middle of the ignitor and close it and then use electrical tape to keep it together.  then use hot glue and glue the corners.  This is to keep its shape.  Now you can carefully remove the matches.  Take the paper clip and bend it to make it long and the use the needle nose plyers to cut it.  Then bend that and hot glue it to the ignitor.  Make sure the opening it facing the opposite way that the paper clip it facing and then wrap with electrical tape.  Now use the plyers to wrap the rest of the paper clip around the key chain loop.

Step 5: Finish and How to Use

Carefully put the fuse into the pin and your done!  Now to use it all you have to do is squeeze the ignitor and pull. but before you through make sure the fuse is lit!  If the matches dot light you might need a new pin or just have to squeeze harder.  DO NOT GET THE PIN WET!!

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    4 Discussions


    9 years ago on Introduction

    thats a party popper right? you could just take out the confetti stuff inside and replace with bbs. would make a shotgun-like add on. plus i cant get firecrackers in uk as far as i any ideas of what charge i could use? "your" device looks sort of like a german steil-grenade.

    german steil grenade.jpg

    9 years ago on Introduction

    lol this operates kind of like those shaped charges you see in old WWII movies (the kind that look like oddly shaped flashlights) does the cracker burst the plastic housing or do the bbs follow the opening shotgun style?