Pull String Light Decor

Introduction: Pull String Light Decor

Ever had a boring old pull string light that just felt like it needed something artsy? I had two! I did some thinking and decided that strings can be hard to hold on to and sometimes even see, so why not put something both functional and original on it?

Step 1: What You Need

You will need: ~A small amount of white oven bake clay ~A newspaper ~Something round, like a cookie cutter ~Paint & Paint brushes ~A boring pull string light ~A toothpick or nail a bit thicker than your string.

Step 2: Roll Out the Clay

Take your oven bake clay and roll it out to desired thickness, I rolled mine to 1/4''. Take your cookie cutter or whatever else you might be using and cut out a circle. Ball up the remaining dough and set it aside. Take your circle and your toothpick/nail and poke a hole through the top edge of your clay circle.

Step 3: Newspaper

Next you'll want to find some articles in the newspaper that interest you and cut them out ... I picked out one large print word (music) and random articles for the front and my horoscope of the day for the back. Take your main word/article and lay it on your clay circle and press down keep it there and fill in the empty spot with random/other wanted articles. Keeping the articles on the front, flip your circle to the back and press other articles to it. Take all articles off and see the result of the newspaper print. Set your circle on your baking tray but don't bake yet.

Step 4: The Bead

Take the remaining clay and make a small bead of your desired size and stick a toothpick in it to create your hole. Set your bead on the baking tray and bake both the circle and the bead according to your clay instructions.

Step 5: Finishing

Once your clay is done baking, take it out and let it cool. After it cools, you can paint it however you want .. I just painted some purple and blue lines between the different articles. Paint your bead next, I painted a measure of music twisting from one hole to the other and added treble clef, key signature and some purple notes :) string your bead onto the light string and then tie the string around your clay article and use the bead to cover the knot up with and enjoy :)

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