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Introduction: Pull Tab Guy-line Tensioner

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These come in so much handy! I use them every time I go on a camping trip with the BSA! I love the pull tab especially because where you pull them off the can it is rough and it really grips the paracord!

Step 1: What You Are Replacing/or What You Can Use With Just One Knot

We are making a line tensioner witch is the black piece with three hole. There are other ways to make one without anything, but they involve knots like the taught line hitch. For my they are never trust worthy!

Step 2: Pull Tab

All you need is a pull tab from a beverage can and some paracord.

It doesn't have to be paracord but it the best thing for me because you can use it for anything and everything!

Step 3: Putting It All Together

Your are going to start witch is what I call it is the shoe lace knot. :P because it's the first knot everyone learns.

Grab it by the side that was connected to the can and tie the knot on the other hole.

Put the rope the the bottom of the first hole(witch is the that wasn't connected to the can.

Them feed it through the top of the other hole in the can.

Then just pull the rope through, and it will have a loop witch is what you will put around the stake

Step 4: Ex.

I made a loop on the other end of the rope so I can make a lean to with a tarp.

Step 5: Finishing

To tighten it just pull up on it! It's works amazingly!!!

To loosen just push it up and it come right undone!

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