Pull Out Shelf for BBQ




I needed a way to hold my BBQ so it would not sit on my new deck. The problem was I wanted it to sit up against the wall but with the lid up it took up a lot of room.

I decided to put it on drawer runners so it would sit against the wall when not in use and pull out when needed.

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Step 1: What You Will Require.

I used 50x25x3mm Galvanised for all of the upper steel frame

I used 25x25x3mm Galvanised for the wall supports

I had some bamboo decking 87x19 left over so I used this to make the stand

Welder I prefer a MIG

Dyna bolts to hold it to the wall 4x6x50mm

I used teck screws to hold the decking onto the frame @20

Paint to protect the steel

Stain to protect the decking

I used a steel cut of saw to cut the steel

Steel drawer runners 350mm long fully extendable from local hardware store

Step 2: First Step Making the Frames.

I worked out how far the drawer needed to slide to enable the lid to open

I used the 25x25x400mm for the uprights as I did not want them sticking out to far

I welded the 50x25x380mm onto the 25x25mm on it's end to get a big contact area and not need a brace

The inside frame was made from 25x50mm

Sides 25x50x400mm

End was 25x50x500mm it was fitted to the inside

Step 3: Fitting the Slides

Once the frame was made I centered it on the wall allowed 15mm clearance each side for the runners, 350mm long fully extendable, and dyna bolted it on

I had pre drilled the holes for the 6mm dyna bolts making, sure they were drilled in the center of the bricks for strength

Step 4: Fitting the Decking

Once the frame was sliding it was easy

Push the frame back into the stop

I fitted the sides first 87x410mm and then the front 87x680mm

When I fitted the top I sat 4x87x710mm boards on and spaced them evenly with an overhang on the front

Step 5: Finishing

Once it was all working, sliding nicely, I took it apart

This was the stage where I thought I should make an Instructable. That is why all the pictures show holes pre drilled !!!

Painted the frame to match the down pipes and flashings, Woodland Grey

I used the same Intergrain stain on the slates as I had used on the decking

Step 6: Fitting the BBQ

I folded some pieces of thin stainess to hold the BBQ in place.

Pre drilled the holes and screwed it down

I am really happy with the sliding unit. It looks tidy and gives me more deck space

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    4 years ago

    Nice one, good to see you used a real camera this time :-)