Pulled Moose Congee


Introduction: Pulled Moose Congee

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You can use beef, pork, elk, whichever you prefer. This recipe is good for either but deer meat, as I haven't tried making with deer meat yet :)

Step 1: Method

Pulled Moose:

500-700 g moose meat

1 pouch onion soup mix

enough water

Sprinkle some onion mix on the bottom on your slow cooker/crock pot

Top with moose then sprinkle the moose with the onion mix

Pour enough water (half way up of moose)

Cook on low for 8 hours until meat is tender and easily pull-apart


1 1/2 c long grain rice

20 c water

1 pouch onion soup mix

1 Knorr cube of beef

1 Knorr cube of chicken

Bring rice to boil with 6 c of water then simmer on medium heat with the rest of the water, cubes, and onion mix, until it become porridge consistency


Sliced green onion

Sriracha sauce

Sweet soy sauce

Ladle some porridge into serving bowl, top with shredded moose and green onion

Serve immediately (warm) accompanied with sauces of your preference.

Enjoy :)

Note: Great if you sprinkle with fried onion too!



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    OMG, this recipe exists! You don't know how happy this makes me. Living in Finland, I too have an abundance of moose and wild game in the freezer at times. I was just in the mood for rice porridge and thinking about what to put in it. I Googled "moose congee" on a whim, not really expecting many results. Because, yeah. And you appeared! I'll have to make this later in the week <3

    Leave the back gate open. When moose wanders in, bash him over the head with a rake. Actually, you might need to shoot it, or go to a grocery in Alaska.

    1 reply


    oh nice that they are available at grocery stores there!

    We live up north (BC, Canada), we hunt here for moose, deer, and elk. I have never seen them sold at grocery stores.

    enough for whole year round hahaha family of four here (2 adults, 2 little kids). we dont consume it daily obv. but yeah, moose is huge, a lot of meat for sure. my husband goes hunting with a couple of colleagues and they share the moose, and even for our portion after divided between 2-3 colleagues, enough for at least half year, but again, we dont consume daily (mostly because all I know is to make roast, stew, and such. must learn how to make sausage, jerky etc so then I wont make boring same food for the fam haha)