Pulling on My "heart String"

Introduction: Pulling on My "heart String"

Hanging red string valentine heart decoration!!

Step 1: Materials

Start by purchasing the following:
-Red String (or anyother color of choice)
-Latex heart balloons (found mine at party city)
-Liquid fabric stiffner
-Decorative ribbon to hang

Step 2: First Step

Start by inflating the latex heart balloon to the size that you want it to be in the finished poduct.

Step 3: Second Step

Paint/spray fabric stiffener/starch to the inflated balloon in a thick coating.

Step 4: Third Step

Begin by tieing the end of string to the bottom of the balloon, and then begin wrapping the string all around the balloon.
*There is no correct way to do this, so be creative!!

Step 5: Fourth Step

After completing wrapping the string to your desire, let the string dry overnight.

Step 6: Fifth Step

Once dry, using a pin pop the balloon, the fabric should be still in the shape it was on the balloon before popping it.

Step 7: Sixth Step

Cut two pieces or your decorative ribbon, length should be your personal preference of how you want it to hang.

Step 8: Final Step

Hang your string heart for your valentine to see!!

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