Pulling Out Tip of a Broken 3.5 Jack Connector




A while ago I had very unfortunate problem. I found out that the tip of my headphone connector (jack 3.5mm) had broken and stayed within laptop "female" connector.
Since there is a small pin that fixates jack within female connector, I couldn't get it out just by shaking my laptop.
You can see rough sketch of the broken connector pin in the picture.

So how to get it out? I first disassembled my laptop trying to get to the connector from within. Unfortunately that connector was fully enclosed so I was not able to get to the broken pin.
Since usage of headphones/external speakers is crucial for me, I started to think of other ways to do this.

   Than I had an idea which actually worked.
What to do? Follow the steps.

Step 1: Solder the Tip of a Wire

You have to take about 6 cm of a wire, take of the isolation and solder its tip so it would be covered in tin. Wire diameter shouldn't be bigger then 3mm.

Step 2: Solder Wire to the Broken Tip

Take your pliers and soldering iron. In one hand take your pliers and grab a hold (with the pliers) of the wire. Than put it in the "female" connector so that it would touch the broken tip of the jack connector. Then take your soldering iron in other hand and put it against wire between "female" connector and pliers. Wait for a while. Holding your soldering iron against wire will eventually heat up the wire to the temperature when tin will melt. As it melts, it will solder the wire together with the broken tip of jack connector.
In the picture I have used jack connector socket to show how to do it. I pulled that tip from my laptops socket before this guide.

Step 3: Pull Out the Broken Tip

After a while try to take off the soldering iron and wait for few seconds. Tin will harden and you will be able to pull out the broken tip with your wire.



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1 year ago

There is a tool, the GripStick, specifically designed to easily solve this problem without having to disassemble the device, use glue, drilling, or any other unsafe method. It also works for any mobile device, tablet, computer, or any other electronic equipment that has a 3.5mm headphone jack. The GripStick was successfully funded via a Kickstarter campaign. Watch it in action here:


You can order one here:



1 year ago

I ended up using superglue on the end of a paperclip inside of a juice box straw. The paperclip was just used to dab the superglue between the straw and the stuck tip of the headphone. I used about 1" of straw then slit the straw on one side lengthwise with a razor about 3/4" so it would size-adjust as it slipped inside the jack hole (ha, I said jack hole). Then I dabbed a little tiny amount of superglue between the straw and the stuck tip and left the paperclip inside just in case it stuck too. Let it dry, pulled it out and voila!


3 years ago

In my case: I introduced a small screw into the hole where the tip of the jack connector got stuck, screwed it a bit until it hooked the little piece and then pull it out.

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Reply 3 years ago

great idea! Worked great, my sons kindle fire hasn't had sound for months! He always wants my iPad so I figured I would look online!


4 years ago

Awesome! I tried Picking it with a needle, using some instant glue... nothing would work and I was getting pretty nervous about damaging the socket/laptop. This worked perfectly, though. It only took 3 attempts to get the amout of solder and heat right.

Some precaution is needed, obviously, if you don't want to destroy the thing you are trying to repair. Use the minimun amount of solder and heating possible. It also helped bending the tip of the wire to get more area soldered.


Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

Sure it would!
I had this problem while socket was in the laptop. In the pictures I have just recreated the problem.


Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

Thanks a lot for the idea man! It worked perfect with my phone mini jack! I needed it to test it 3 times. I need to put enough tin. Also it was harder to me to see/smell when was enough hot. But finally worked! Thanks.


7 years ago on Introduction

A nice idea dude. but you can end up damaging the female connector with the heat and solder too. i had a similar issue and this is how i did it.

the same part was stuck in the socket.
i used the other half of the jack to pull out the tip.
i took some instant super glue or instant cement and put a very small drop of it on the tip.
i inserted the jack into the socket. this joined the tip and the jack back together
after a few minuted, i just gave is a good tug outwards and the jack was out completely.
make sure the cement or glue drop is just enough that it wont spread around the jack and not too little that it solidifies quickly.

let me know if any of you tried out this trick. it worked for me very well

~ Francis D'sa


7 years ago on Introduction

a good idea for sure. I found it easier to bend a sewing needle and slip it underneath the jack. Takes about 3 min. I also tried glue but it gets stuck.