Pulling the Drummer Out From Behind the Bandstand





Introduction: Pulling the Drummer Out From Behind the Bandstand

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I'll post soon. Just found you folks!
I have a variety of trike bikes that are musical sculptures/tone generating devices.
My constant companion is called The Rhythmic Transformation Station and it truly transformed my life. I'd like to pass that along somehow....

Step 1: Soon, Oh Soon



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    I remember this bike form my time at the peak bike shop in Olympia. Seems I remember you were asking Eric to help you weld a few parts together. Glad to see it all worked out and your enjoying the ride!

    hmmmmmm, not so soon, but so really cool. It gives food for thought even in this form. Please come back with some instructions.

    It looks like some rototoms but is there a snare drum?

    Is that one of them flats drumkits?

    Put more on please... This looks like a cool one... Is the rest of the band following ?

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    Actually, not in this shot. But we had a Trike Tryst at Burning Man 2004 and there was a spontaneous musical outpouring. Of course, anywhere you go with this thing there's a musical/percussive outpouring. It's the funnest thing I've ever ridden. The smiles on people's faces is worth everything.

    Forgot to mention, that this drum trike is part of a much larger concept to pull trap sets out from behind the bandstand. I'm envisioning a whole percussive orchestra on wheels. I'm pretty involved with street/festival percussion with parades (Seattle's Fremont Parade), processions (Olympia Procession of the Species), and festivals (Burning Man, FolkLife, World Rhythm Fest).....and would love to have a full-on, melodic percussion orchestra. This is partially inspired by a Trimpin performance years back with MIDI-bikes and partially inspired by the original Spike Jones piano on a bike.

    Wow. I play drums and ride a bike, but this is amazing! Very cool.

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    I've been toying around with this whole "play and ride" thang for awhile now. I do a fair amount of street percussion and got tired of having to stop, setup the drums and then play. And yes, it's possible to play most of the bike kit while tooling around. It's not built for hills though. I learned that awhile back and still have the scars to prove it. A little motor would help or some additional hi-tech gearing. All additions to the RTS-3


    12 years ago

    Yeah....sorry....I've been caught up in my own Private Idaho. Just finished getting the close-up photos shot and hope to have the tools shot this weekend. This is a critter I designed for our 2003 trip to Burning Man, and have played it anywhere I can since then. It's the proto-type in a series called The Rhythmic Transformation Station. This is RTS-1. RTS-2 is a much lighter drum affair. And RTS-3 is being custom built from the ground up to be a much more complex acoustic/electronic "mobile percussion rig". These designs were inspired by Lou Dog and Jamie Janover (the early innovators in the drum bike field).


    12 years ago

    This is the RTS-1 in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada. My constant testing ground for road-worthy music.