Pullpup (failed)



Introduction: Pullpup (failed)

meh... is this textfield necessary?

I was taking the body of my ZipDart (great gun Btw) land was trying to make it a bit better performing and put it into Bullpup style. I got it to an ok point, but definitely it wasn't going to turn out well. I figured id post at least a few pictures really quickly if someone wanted to try and finish it or something. Best of luck to anyone who tries.



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    Oh yes, I have heard of it. It got pretty crazy till the admins deleated it. Yeah, it seems like some of the K'nexers still lurk around. But the hundreds of people that never got very far don't come on here much.

    It's painful going through the comments on older stuff here. To many memes, to many spam comments just for the sake of posting, and too much swearing.

    Redbook was my hero before I joined. I looked almost every day to see if he commented on anything new, or posted. When I see his ibles I still feel that way. To me anything he posted was great, no matter what it was.

    Now I'm sure you didn't kill the community. Even if you hated on every single ible you couldn't. The kids just grew up and decided they were too old for K'nex. Or in the case of Sharir I believe it was when he got a girlfriend who might look down on him for playing K'nex.

    That does make sense. But I see it more as encouraging them. Then again, getting a follow from me is nothing too wonderful.

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    Whoa, meta discussion going on here.

    I wish Red would post more. He's basically want I wanted to be but didn't turn into because a lack of pieces. I dreamed of making good replicas back before we had that many, I wanted to be "The Replica Guy" per se. But I stagnated and instead starting focusing on compact weapons. Red and BM carry on most of the Replica making that I adore.

    I wish the current community could've been around during the old community. I mean, I much prefer how mature the new community is now. Basically, we don't have any of the problems we once did. People are more respectful, they give credit, they give constructive criticism, etc. You guys are great, really. But we just lack the magic of the times of old when there were so many new things to discover. It's just a shame there was such a schism between older, experienced builders and younger and/or inexperienced builders.

    And BM, don't give yourself too much credit. =P I don't really remember what you were all like before, but you couldn't have been worse than DJ if you remember him. God that kid drove me crazy sometimes. He started shaping up more and more as time went on, but I just couldn't get over how annoying he was to start with. Some other 'iblers also had some pretty bad egos. I don't think any of us were proud of who we started out as.

    Here's hoping we continue to get new builders.

    Yeah, Red is a great builder. Him and BM use too many cut parts, but no matter how many cut parts I used I couldn't build anything on par with what they can turn out. Nothing wrong with compact weapons, it take some skill to build something that works just as good as something that uses twice the number of parts.

    I kinda wish I had been around then. But some of those people would make me go insane.

    From what I've seen DJ did have a bit of an ego. Those rants between him and Fred the Penguin could go on and on. And for all his complaining he should have tried to take his pictures in good lighting. Some of his guns were pretty neat though. I'm not going to forgive his OSSRV2 for punching out my glasses lens.

    Am I the only person who has had issues with Oodammo shooting right back at you from free flying slingshots? It happened with the Dash, OSSRv2, and even the slingshot I built the other day and never posted.

    I really, really like long comments.

    who's redbook? There's red book of westmarch, is it a different person you're referring to? I can't seem to find anything in any searches

    It's Red Book of Westmarch. If you get the reference to a particular book in his name, you're cool. :D

    Btw if you use an extension for the chamber over the top it makes it look more of like a conventional side deflecting bolt action and doesn't catch on the bolt like so


    well I got the mech made but my bands just weren't sliding off of the green rods right so I could get it working with some experimentation but IDK I found a gun I liked the look of and figured id try making that for fun just as a break from all the mechanism design ive been doing

    Btw the rubber band gun wasn't working amazingly well just reliability wise for me so I'll probably come back to it but build one of Red's guns now as I found one I like

    A good block trigger should never be underrated. :)

    KK's pistol is the best preforming single shot if you factor in the very few pieces needed, strong trigger, good range, and slim overall body.

    The noobs tore it to pieces and pulled out all the features that made it great for it's time. Thank goodness all that's over. But a thriving community would be worth hundreds of little block triggers.

    I wish I had been around in those days. Oh well. At least the K'nexers left are more mature and less likely to get worked into a rage.

    the problem was it wasn't, I was trying to make the ZipDart more reliable and have a longer pin pull but it didn't work out

    I might try taking your 2014 bolt action and adding an actual magazine to it, but I'll have to see how that goes

    I have, and I know a lot of them look nice but the truth is that like 99.9% of the guns on the site are pin guns with block triggers. A lot of them are really pretty but not much in the way of inspiration for new methods of propulsion or round feeding or anything

    And thanks, I'm kind of looking for really outside the box inspiration right now

    yeah...it's not that it isn't possible it's just that I felt like it wasn't that innovative *or* reliable, so it got boring pretty quickly