"Pulp Fiction" Bottle Opener With Magnetic Catch

Introduction: "Pulp Fiction" Bottle Opener With Magnetic Catch

I made this at Techshop Detroit.

I am a big fan of Pulp Fiction and couldn't wait to involve the film in one of my projects.

This is a wall mount bottle opener with a magnetic catch for the caps.

This isn't difficult but it does take time to get everything just right.


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Step 1: Supplies and Equipment

This project requires:

- Wood (I had a piece of hickory leftover)

- "It's on, motherfucker's" Bottle Opener (I found this on amazon and it really inspired this) http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00FQN7DM4/ref=oh...

- Rare earth magnet, 2 in. diameter (again, amazon for about $12) http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0012ARUFU/ref=oh...

- Bad ass picture of Samuel L. Jackson

- Epoxy

- Drill, Fractional bits and counter sink

- Epilog 60 Watt Laser

- Bandsaw

- Router

Step 2: Cut Wood to Size and Measure

My piece of hickory happened to be 6 in. wide so I went with it. I cut it down to 9 in. The piece is 1/2 in thick.

I then measured out where the magnet and bottle opener would be. Opener is 1 in. from the top and magnet 1 in. from bottom. Each is centered at 3 in.

This gave me an idea of how big to make my images to be lasered on.

Step 3: Fire the "Laser"

I found a picture of Jules Winnfield from Google Images, he is my favorite character from "Pulp Fiction" and easily identifiable. I went with a black and white picture so I would have a clear idea of how it would turn out on the engraving. Using a larger size image usually turns out better and with greater detail. I converted the images using Adobe Illustrator and matched everything to size. The image was 4x4 in. and the font was in 21 pt.

I also filled in the rest of the area with quotes from the movie, particularly those from Samuel L. Jackson. The quotes are "Does he look like a bitch?", "Royale with cheese", and "Say what again".

The images and wording came out clearly using a power of 90% and a speed of 60 on the Epilog 60 Watt.

Step 4: Router Guide

While I was on the laser I decided to make a quick router guide to use for the magnet cut away on the back.

This was a piece of Masonite from the scrap bin. It works really well for this type of thing and there is usually some laying around.

I cut out a 2 1/4 in hole.

Step 5: Router and Attach Magnet

WARNING: these are some seriously strong little magnets!

I clamped on my router guide and just used a flat bit. It wasn't a picture perfect cut, but I am no perfectionist. I checked for depth and made sure I went as deep as I felt comfortable going to give the magnet maximum cap catch-ability.

As you can see these magnet are fragile and I did chip mine by playing around with it.

I scuffed and cleaned the surfaces of the magnet and wood using sand paper and acetone. Then, using epoxy I attached and clamped on the magnet. Give the glue plenty of time to dry and cure.

Step 6: Cut and Drill

On the bandsaw I rounded off the top. I used a bowl as a guide. It makes it look a bit more "finished" rather than just a piece of wood.

Next I drilled out the holes for the opener and holes to attach to the wall. I also used a counter sink bit on the wall attachment holes. Again, for a more finished look.

Step 7: Apply a Finish

I used Boiled Linseed Oil as my finish. A darker stain would wash out the engraving so I wanted to keep it light.

I applied the oil with a foam brush and wiped away the excess. 3 coats will give a good finish. Give the oil plenty of time to dry between coats. 12 hours is suggested.

A polyurethane would work as well, but this is what I had and it is very easy to use.

Step 8: Enjoy!

Attach the opener with the provided screws.

You want to attach this to something sturdy as you will be pulling on it.

It can definitely hold a few caps and is a lot of fun.

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    nice pulpfiction hommage.