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I love the Salad of Poulpe........!!

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Step 1: Material You Need:

PVC tube (3 or 4 cm)_________

copper wire (rigid)___________

a led auto changing color______

a 3Volt battery (pc or similar)___

caoutchouc from bike_________

transparent large scotch_______

Step 2: Assembly:

I make 8 hole in the pvc and two in the upper.

I insert the copper wire (6 or 7 cm) in every hole and blocked with tongs (like pic).

in the upper,i make coupling for the nylon thread side.

Step 3: Work Hooks and Body:

Pointing all copper wires and overthrow.........

join the caoutchouc on the pvc tube.....

Step 4: Light Sweet Light....

Insert the led on battery(like pic) and using the large scotch to isolate from water and insert all in the down

side of pvc tube...(only some minute before fishing....not switch in side)....

Step 5: Support and Voyage Protection:

I choose a handle support and i join some polystyrene to protect myself before and after fishing.....

Step 6: Have a Good Time and Thank You to Watch....


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