Pulp Paper Calligraphy

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islamic display room with Led, can be created by duplex paper, pulp, and polyester resin. very cheap but have a good art inside. if u haven't a polyester resin, the adhesive material can be replaced with sago flour or glu.

Step 1: Mix the Adhesive Material With Pulp Until It's Hard to Stir, and Don't Forget to Bring the Catalyst If You Use the Polyester Resin.

Step 2: Draw the Scheme Cubes or Blocks on the Grey Side of the Duplex Paper. After That Cut the Scheme and Make the Shapes of the Cube or Block.

Step 3: Use the Scissors to Cut the Front of the Cube Until It's Look Like a Frame of the Photos.

Step 4: Draw the Calligraphy on the White Side of the Duplex Paper. After That Make the Mixed Pulp in Accordance With the Trace of Calligraphy

use the glove

Step 5: Wait Until Dry and Hard. After That Put the Calligraphy Into the Frame Box

Step 6: If You Want to Add the Led Lamp, Just Put Inside But Put on the Spot Are Not Visible With Battery

Step 7:



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    Reply 2 years ago

    I'm use waste paper mixed with water until it become a pulp