Puls- How to Make a Rapid Fire Controller Mod

Introduction: Puls- How to Make a Rapid Fire Controller Mod

This Xbox 360 controller mod will allow you to fire single fire/semi-automatic gun in Call of Duty as if they were fully automatic.

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Step 1: Take Out Screws

The parts you will need are a Xbox 360 Controller, T8 Tamper Proof drill bit (found online), solder and solder wire, drill, box cutter, metal wire, and a Momentary Push Button (bought at RadioShack).

First take out the seven screws in the back of the controller. There is one screw under the barcode where the battery pack goes. Remove it with the box cutter. Use the T8 drill bit to remove the screws.

Step 2: Remove Parts

Next pull apart the controller and take out the circuit board. I removed the rumble packs to make the controller easier to put back together in the end but you can keep them in if you wish.

Step 3: Drill Hole for Button/wire Button

After you take the controller apart, hold the back piece like you would when playing and find the spot where you want the button to be on the right side. Use the drill to drill a hole for the button to go through. Next take the button and metal wire and feed the metal wire through both connectors.

Step 4: Solder Wire to Circuit Board

Once you have the hole drilled and the button wired, you solder the top left LED light where the Xbox Button is. And solder the other wire to the middle peg on the right side. Make sure the wire is in contact with the metal on the board.

Step 5: Put Back Together

Carefully put all the buttons back in their spots in the controller case. Then put the controller back together and insert the screws. This controller mod will only work if you clear your Xbox memory cache.

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    I laughed at the 2nd photo.. are you rookie or what..


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    bahahahahaha! so true