Pulse Sensor Using Inviot U1. Arduino Compatible Board


http://www.InvIoT.com/U1 for the U1 board, and for library download

and http://www.pulsesensor.com for the pulse sensor

Step 1: Setup

Connect the sensor from pulsesensor.com to InvIoT.com/U1.

Connect FTDI to U1 and to the USB

Open Arduino IDE install the InvIoT U1 library.

Go to file/examples/InvIoT_U1/applications/pulseSensor

Upload sketch

Step 2: Done.

This is not for medical use! The code on the example is from pulsesensor.com and is modified for the U1 library.

You can use the WIFI ESP8266 that is on board of the U1, and send the pulse data over the internet to sites like




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