Better Pumpkin Teeth, and Eyes

Introduction: Better Pumpkin Teeth, and Eyes

I like to make things But im limited on tools so most of my instructable are crude

Adding hot glue to some parts and adding light to it (candle, LED, ect in the pumpkin) will make it glow better.

Step 1: You Will Need

hot glue

jack o lantern


Step 2: Start Up

take hot glue (best color would be white or yellow) and for a tooth in the pumpkins mouth (rinse and repeat)

Step 3: Pumpkin, Hot Glue, (maybe LED)

now you'll make 2 eyes and a mouth

in basic terms make hot glue "shields" on the eyes, and the mouth

If you want to you can add a LED if your that good, it will light up the hot glue and make it cooler

In the video I only show how to make the eyes, but you will do the same process as with the eyes.

Step 4: DONE

your done

Step 5: Me Talking, Pictures




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    Great idea! I was thinking that toothpicks might be easier for attaching the "glue-glass" pieces in place? But looks very cool!

    That's a cool idea, I haven't seen this done before :)

    1 reply