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Introduction: Pump-Action Shotgun V3

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Finally,after a long break from knex building, I decided to build it, V3 of my shotgun line-up.Though it doesnt feature rapid-fire, like my previous model, but I think is more realisticly built.The trigger mechanism looks flimsey,but is ironically less complicated and much stronger than the other mechanisms.Here are the performance statistics;
-very realistic design
-easy to pump
-ammo spreads
-less skeletal and more attractive midsection
-not the greatest magazine (4 shots)

Step 1: Piece Count

As requested by Visper123,here is the piece count:
green/black rods X 59
silver/white/black rods X 41
blue rods X 10
yellow/gray rods X 2
black/transparent/gray rods X 4 (prefferably one black/clear one for use as ram)
(optional) green/purple bendy rods X 2

half-moon 5 slot X 46
2 slot i connector X 12
4 slot connector X 8
2 slot v connector X 6
1 slot connector X12
3 slot right angle connector X 11
7 slot 3d connector X 2

blue spacers X 6
grey spacers X 4
hinge X 1
blue tan X 1
female joint piece X 2
y connector X 1
tan connectors X 4
black wheels X 4

Step 2: Handle and Trigger

I wont give the little numbers up here like I usually do. Its pretty straight-forward.

Step 3: Pump

Again,not very hard.

Step 4: Nose/Barrel

Sorry guys,but it wont let me post any more pictures because it exeeds size limit.To continue go to my profile and then part 2 of instructions.



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    Yessss black wheels are only for decoration... is that true?

    i made this gun and i modded it to have a mag that takes orange connectors with green rods on the the end.

    PLZ post a new mag. i dont really know how to make them well... and ive been searching for about 4 hours on how to make one.

    1 reply

    join the club, i cant build mags worth crap either, dont stress yourself with it either, theres plenty of other better guns

    it looks sick and easy to make im building it tommrow cant wait rapid fire pump action XD

     BTW finished this and it badly needs modding, its PUMP mech, is faboulous, as is its trigger mech, but the barrel and mag need modding.

     its too wide, so the trigger will go to one side, and the ram rod to the other. please explain, I can't see how this shoots 4 at once, it only has one ramrod.

    really? thats odd.Ill follow my instructions and see whats wrong.dont expect it to happen today, i gots to clean the kitchen and go to bed early.im sick

     well I'm working on it nao, so the problem should be solved in about 1hour.
    do you have aids or is it just a cold. hope you get better soon.


    if you have a dry throat, try getting water, leaning your head back, and gurgling it for a while. it doesn't always work, but its worth a try.

    YES! finnally you said you would post it.
    well done on finnally posting an ible (even though it doesn't have instructions) i look forward to building this and modding it to make it even better!

    1 reply