Pumpaction Syringe Airsoft Rifle

Introduction: Pumpaction Syringe Airsoft Rifle

From a plastic-syringe to airsoft magic. Bit more complicated this time, but worth the time!
(next one will be alot simpler and easier to copy though!)

Step 1: Material and Tools


- 20 mL syringe

- M3 screws (5 and 25 mm long), lots of them !

- 15 mm thick wooden plate (scrap wood)

- U-section aluminum (outer width of the smaller one must be inner width of the larger one)

- L-section aluminum (for the syringe holder etc.)

- 5-6 mm aluminum disc or something similar (see pics) acting as the catch on the syringe

- Tension springs (1 weaker pair for the slide, strong ones for the syringe) and one for the lock

- BBs (3-5 mm)

- Aluminum or brass tubing (barrel)

- Aluminum tubing 5mm diameter for the guiding rod

- M4 guiding rod, 200 mm long (approx)

- Plastic, metal or wooden block for the feed / magazin

- O-rings, 3 mm for the syringe and 5 mm to seal the feed

- Wires, switch, lasermodule, battery + holder


- Dremel tool

- Metal saw

- Jig saw

- Screwdriver

- Sharp knife

Step 2: Details

Pics show the loaded and unloaded spring-section.

And here the steps:

1. Sand off the inner part of the syringe...not too much

2. Cut a short piece of U-aluminum, and attach it to the rear...4 screws plus a hole in the center

3. Attach the M4 rod to the plate (M4 nut behind the plate will do the trick), and cover it with alu tubing

4. Two holes into the body of the syringe, plus anohter alu-U as a mount

5. Mount the mount on a 400 mm long alu-U-section

6. Cut another alu-U, as a guide for your rod ( :> ), hole in the center, wherever your rod hits it.

7. Drill 3 Holes into the teflon block (and make a mount from L-alu for it), T-shaped...

8. O-rings on the syringe-tip, press the block on its mount against syringe, and mark the position

on the base-U-section, same for the guiding-U in the rear.

9. Attach the lock the the U, wherever your syringe ends

10. Fabricate a grip and body, whatever you like. Simple of as "fancy as mine", up to you.

11. Attach the springs and the pumpaction U-section (wider than the others)

12. Two plates on the pumpaction-U to catch the syringe-U and its done

Step 3: Tutorial Video

I can't show you guys all the steps, you might not even get the same syringe or whatever,

so you will have to change minor steps anyways, so...this is just a guideline...tutorial, not a step-by-step this time. The next one will be alot simpler!

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    Question 2 years ago on Step 2

    What if i wanted this to act a but more as a shotgun, how would it fire more than one bullet per shot?


    3 years ago

    Be great if you could place a step by step instruction.


    3 years ago

    that pdf got show how to make it step by step?


    Reply 3 years ago