Rotating Pumpkin - Ambient Light




This is my first step by step tutorial so i hope you are like it. I made rotated ambient pumpkin light.

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Step 1: Tools

1. Pumpkin (1eur)

2. Acrylcolor Black (8eur)

3. Disco ball engine (10eur)

4. Wood panel

5. Wire

6. Pencil

7. Wrench / Forceps / Tape / Metal wire brush / Brush

8. Led lights / battery / cabels (7eur)

9. Tree trunk

10. Drill / Jigsaw / Circular saw / Gas burner

11. Wood protective paint

Step 2: Tree Trunk

1. Remove unsuitable tree trunks

2. Wipe the thickness of the tree trunk on wood panel

Step 3: Panel

1. Burn the wood panel with gas (butane) to the black color.

2. With wire brush clean ash

3. Rubs protective paint layer against moisture, water, pest...

Step 4: Pumpkin Stand and Disco Ball Engine

1. Screw four iron profiles

2. Tree trunk put in the hole and tree fix with screws

3. On the tree tie disco ball engine

4. With decorative leaves hide engine

5. Cabel of the disco ball engine hide on the back side of trunk

6. Wood stand is finsih

Step 5: Pumpkin

1. Empty pumpkin

2. Drill desired patterns

3. With tape create desired lines

4. Paint to black and wait to dry

5. Wire push through the pumpkin and create hanger

6. Remove tape

Step 6: Led Light

1. Lots the + - on the led lights

2. Stick led lights on the plastic glass, over the glass put another bigger plastic glass for protection

3. On cabel put the 9V battery.

Step 7: Finish

1. Put the led lights in pumpkin, power on disco ball engine and the hallowen pumpkin is finish.

2. Here is the video of the pumpkin =D

Happy Halloween =)

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    2 years ago

    That looks great! I love decorations like this!