Pumpkin Buddies - Easy Halloween Project




Introduction: Pumpkin Buddies - Easy Halloween Project

This is an enjoyable Halloween project you will love for sure. You are going to spend a great time with your kids making the pumpkin buddies.

This project has a little of carving work. The main tool for it is a CD marker.

To make the pumpkin buddies you will need:

1. A pumpkin itself. Pick up a couple of nice pimpkins you think they are suitable for the project. Decide on pumpkins of different shapes and colours.

2. CD/DVD marker  to draw faces. I prefer to use a CD marker because it does not flow out to a smooth surface of pumpkin. A black one will be perfect. 

3. A thai knife or a sharp knife (a kind of orange knives) to carve eyes details. 

4. You also might need some accessories for you pumpkin buddies to give them a complete look. Continue reading the project description and you will get what kind of accessories I mean.

Before drawing faces with a CD marker scratch your design with a toothpick or a pen. Now you are positive about the lines you are going to draw. Remember that a CD marker is hard to remove. 

Faces idea is inspired by paintings of www.spookyhollow.net

Step 1: Goody Pumpkin

I called him Goody.

For this cute face I have chosen a white pumpkin.  This sort of pumpkins has a very hard skin. I was unable to cut it! So let's use our marker and give it an emotion.

I found a dead dragonfly in my home veranda. Think that was the best decoration for my little friend ))

Step 2: Top Hatted Pumpkin

What makes a man to be a gentleman? You are right if say watches and a top hat. 

I made the top hat from a magazine advertisement. You  will quickly find the instruction for the hat if google a bit. 

The most important thing for the pumpkin buddy is fixing the hat. I'll tell you a trick. Insert a toothpick into the pumpkin head and hang the hat on it.  the toothpick will prevent the hat falling down. 

Step 3: Hooded Pumpkin

Use a curved pumpkin for the guy in a hood. 

To make eyes remove pumpkin skin for the white of the eyes. Draw out the eyes and the skin around. Draw an appropriate grin.
To complete a look of the hooded pumpkin attach a pompon to the hood. A baby pumpkin works well for it.

YOU ARE DONE!  What I love about all these pumpkins is that they are long-play pumpkin crafts.

Enjoy the Halloween crafting! And please visit me often :))


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