Pumpkin Concrete or Résin, Halloween Molding Simple




You need:

- a pumpkin

- a knife to sculpture.

- some plaster to mold(hug).

- a candle.

- a turning out agent (petroleum jelly, oil, butter)

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Step 1: Choose Yours Pumpkin

It is necessary to you to choose your pumpkin, if you wish to put her in decoration inside, it's better to take a small-sized pumpkin.

Step 2: ​The Face of the Pumpkin

This stage consists in drawing the face of your future pumpkin. It is up to you to give him(her) a kind face, or monstrous!

Step 3: ​Cut of the Pumpkin.

You can now begin to cut your pumpkin.For the continuation(suite), it is necessary to keep(guard) the inside of the pumpkin.Try not to damage too much, the pulpit for future mussel.

Step 4: ​Realization of the Mold.

You can make him of different manners.

Here I opted for a hole in the earth (simpler), the earth will bound the part of your mold to come.

Step 5: ​Preparation of the Plaster.

You can now make the plaster, which will thus be a single-use mold.

He must be very liquid for the first coat(layer).

Step 6: ​Put Down(Deposit) the Plaster on the Pumpkin.

You will have to put 2 or 3 coat(layer) of plaster.

The first one(night) must be very liquid, it will be necessary to throw(plan) her(it), on the pumpkin, to marry all the forms.

Other one sleep, can be more thick

.It will be necessary to have a thickness of at least 3 cms

Step 7: ​Turning Out of the Pumpkin.

Tap slowly on the mold, and the pumpkin, to unstick them (to pay attention not to break the mold.

Step 8: ​Make Your Definitive Edition. (résin for My)

Before realizing an edition, it is necessary to grease the mold (with a turning out agent).

You can choose the material which you want (concrete, resin, wax, or other).

You will owe, not to cover eyes, nose and mouth, so as to what the light can cross once turned out.

Step 9: ​Final Stage, the Definitive Unmoulding.

Here is your ornamental pumpkin, is ended.

You can place a lamp, or a candle there to frighten the passers-by;

Thank you

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    3 years ago

    This looks really neat. I'll have to try glitter inside our Jackolyte, it seems to give it more of a fire effect in your photos. :)

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    Reply 3 years ago

    Thank's, is simple, and not expensive.