Pumpkin Decorations for Halloween

Introduction: Pumpkin Decorations for Halloween

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Materials required
Pumpkin or small pieces of pumpkin
Water glue
Small cutting blade
Large cutting blade
Any color LED you want
Batteries( for the LED)

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Step 1: Making the Pumpkin Ready

If you have a pumpkin then cut it into small pieces
remove all the inside until the outerlayer of the pumpkin is 3-4 cms
Take a tissue,make it soggy by adding water and then clean the pumpkin on the outer layer of the pumpkin

Step 2: Drawing Your Design on the Pumpkin

Take the ball point pen and draw anything you want or you can even write anything you want on the pumpkin

Step 3: Cutting Out the Design

Now you have to cut the design out

Use the small(thin) blade to cut curves etc and use the large(fat) blade to cut out straight lines

Step 4: Making Details

Now take the small blade and cut out any details you want

I made details on the wings of my bat and on the mouth of my pumpkin
And then coat the whole pumpkin in glue to make it look shiny and creepy

Step 5: Finishing Of

Take any color LED you want and stick it behind the pumpkin
and you are done

You can hang these around the house or place them somewhere

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