Pumpkin King

How to make a light up jack skelington out of air dry clay.
Materials I used:
Sprite bottle
Aluminum foil
Exacto knife
DAS air dry clay
Craft sticks
Hot glue gun
Acrylic paint
Model fairy house light

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Step 1:

I took a styrofoam ball and covered it with air dry clay and created the head first. I let it dry over night then drilled a small hole in the bottom and attached it to a piece of styrofoam I cut out for the body.
I took a 2 liter sprite bottle and cut the bottom off. Turn it upside down and that’s the foundation for the creepy pumpkin.
I then created the arms and hands out of craft sticks and attached to the body.
Once you’re ready to clay, do the pumpkin first. I completely clayed it and then cut the face design in it with an exacto knife.
Now I clayed the entire body and arms, and attached it to the pumpkin with clay.
I made the hands separate with craft sticks and aluminum foil, and attached them to the arms so that the hands were under the chin of jacks head.
After it drys it’s time to paint! I just used regular acrylic paint.
To light up the pumpkin I used a battery powered fairl house light. I found a pack of 10 for $10 on Amazon.

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    That's adorable! I love this movie, we watch it every October :)

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