Pumpkin Painted Minion




This instructable is to hopefully give you inspiration in your pumpkin decorating.

I can't remember where I saw this done before. When I looked for it I couldn't find it again.

Step 1:

I like to paint pumpkins rather than carve. Carving can be messy and the pumpkin begins rotting as soon as the first cut is made. With painting, the pumpkin can last months.

I went online and printed out a picture of a minion I wanted to create.

The eyes are the bottoms of soda cans with tabs bent inward. I then used a 2 part, 5 minute epoxy to glue them on.

Certain colors on a pumpkin can be hard to paint. You can see through the lighter colors making guide lines show through. To help prevent that I put on a base coat of Acrylic Gesso. I used the 4 inch paint brush to quickly cover the whole pumpkin.

Supplies used;

  1. Acrylic Gesso
  2. 4 inch paint brush
  3. various small paint brushes
  4. Acrylic Paint - various colors, mix and match as needed.

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Step 2: How Long Will It Last?

This picture was taken January 16th, 3 months after it was painted. Still good no sign of decay.



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