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Who doesn't want a bunch of pumpkins hanging around their neck? This can go along with the Pumpkin Earrings I made before. These pumpkins are made the same, but different amounts of double stitches are used this time around.

Step 1: Supplies

The usual:

Crochet Thread Size 10 in Orange, Green, Yellow, and White.
Tatting Needle Size 5
Cross Stitch Needle (for hiding the thread if you like to go that route, I do)
Jump Rings
Iron and Spray Starch

Step 2: Make Your Small Pumpkins

You are going to need:

2 Orange Pumpkins
4 Yellow Pumpkins
4 White Pumpkins
1 Orange Medium Pumpkin

I made all the pumpkins first and then attached them together with the green thread.

The pumpkins are made the same as the earrings, like I said, except the counts are different.

3 - 3 close, knot
8 connect 8 connect to beginning, close, knot
16 connect 16 connect to beginning, close, knot
For the Medium, add on a last round of 24 connect 24 connect to beginning, close, knot

The white in the pictures, is the small, the orange is the medium.

Step 3: Leaves

The three leaves on the pumpkins are done the same as the earrings. 6 double stitches each.

Connect your thread to your first pumpkin and make three leaves. I connected near the top middle. I believe it works a little better if you go down a bit from the top, but don't go to far. You don't want the top of the pumpkin showing above the leaves.

You are going to go from each pumpkin to the next so make sure you have enough of a tail, though, if you run out, you can always just tie it off and start again. Since I wasn't sure how long it would be, I started in the middle with the medium pumpkin and worked out. After doing it, I would suggest working from the right, when you are looking at the necklace, to the left. That seemed to keep the threads where I wanted them.

(So I will be showing going from the middle pumpkin out, but it is the same from each pumpkin to the next. The only difference is the ends of the necklace where we attach the jump rings and clasps.)

As shown in the second picture, after finishing the three leaves, I brought the needle back through the pumpkin to the back and tied a knot to get the thread back where the vine met the pumpkin.

Step 4: Vine - Connecting the Pumpkins

After finishing the three leaves on your first pumpkin, make a vine of 14 double stitches. Then make a leaf of 8 double stitches and another vine of 14 double stitches.

Then you connect to the next pumpkin and do three leaves again and repeat the vine again. It just goes like that until you reach your last pumpkin on the necklace.

The necklace, according to my pattern is (you can see the final necklace in the last step as well) (small = s, medium = m, y=yellow, o=orange, w=white, v=vine, l=leaf)
l, v, sw, v, l, v, sy, v, l, v so, v, l, v sw, v, l, v sy, v, l, v, mo, v, l, v, sy, v, l, v, sw, v, l, v, so, v, l, v, sy, v, l, v, sw, v, l

The end, after you connect and add leaves to your last pumpkin, is a vine of 10 double stitches, close, knot, ring of 6 double stitches, close, knot.

Step 5: Iron and Starch

This necklace is really wibbly, wobbly, so I would suggest ironing it and starching it if you can to try to get it to keep its shape.

Step 6: Attach Your Clasp and Wear

Attach a jump ring to the leaf on each end of the necklace and attach a clasp to one of the jump rings.  You're done!

Wear it with the pumpkin earrings and you'll be all set for Halloween :)




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    16 Discussions


    6 years ago on Introduction

    I love this! I also learned from TotusMel's Instructables. Tatting is addictive! I'm still learning how to see how a finished piece is put together. Visualizing a pattern in a finished piece is always difficult for me. But I have literally stayed up all night playing with my thread and needle. So much fun!

    2 replies

    So did I :) Along with the rose on her corsage bracelet. Now to figure out how to tweak a design to make it original so I don't get in trouble for copyright infringements. I really do love tatting. I've done chain maille, beadweaving, stringing, wirework, and there are just endless possibilities to tie all of those in to tatting. I'm at the point that I can look at a picture of a finished product and figure out how to make it. Creating something original from nothing...now that is a different story, lol


    7 years ago on Step 6

    You did a great job and it is so adorable. I used to be able to tat with a shuttle but developed Carpule tunnel syndrome in my hands and now I can't do it anymore as my hands go numb from the repetitive movement.

    1 reply

    Thank you! Sorry you aren't able to do it any more. But it is really cool that you could shuttle tat. I still have a hard time with it.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    WOW! I like this very much. You did a fantastic job doing the step by step too. Nice. mmmmm presents. XD

    1 reply

    Thanks. It get's hard sometimes to get pictures of the small work and describe what I'm doing. It's nice to know it is somewhat understandable.

    I worked on it off and on this weekend. You could easily finish in a day if you have time. I was making it up as I went along and taking pictures of the process so that made making it go slower.