Pumpkin Patch Party

Introduction: Pumpkin Patch Party

This is the final outcome of my step by step instructions on how to draw a pumpkin patch party!

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Step 1: 1st

First you open Sketchbook express and create a new document/ page.  

Step 2: Inspiration

Next, you go into your iTunes library and pick out a track for inspiration.  Every artist needs something to help them relax and get into their work.  Then, listen away!

Step 3: First Rough Rketch

For the next step if you have a Wacom tablet (like me) use that, if not, a mouse will work, it will just be more dificult.  Here, select the second layer.  Then select a more detailed pen/ brush for the sketch, also select your desired sketch color.  Once you have selected your brush you can start sketching.  This sketch can be as neat or as messy as you like.

Step 4: 4th Step

Then continue your sketch until you are satisfied with your work.  Remember this is just a rough sketch, it will be deleted later. 

Step 5: 5th Step

Next on a layer above the last, trace your rogh sketch.  This trace is also a sketch. 

Step 6: 6th Step

Your 2nd sketch does not need to be the same as the first.  Here you can see where I changes the postition of the eyes and mouths on a few of the pumpkins. 

Step 7: 7th Step

Next on a new layer above the last, you can start to color your pumpkins.  Here pick any color you want for your pumpkins.  THe most common choice is a shade of orange.  You can also delete your FIRST sketch here, because you made the 2nd and more clean one, you no loner need it. 

Step 8: 8th Step

After you have colored a few of your pumpkins, choose another shade of your desired color for variety.  You may use as many shades as you want. 

Step 9: 9th Step

Next, start to color in and add detail to other objects. I started with the scarecrow couple in the back.  Here you can add details like patches on the overalls and the pattern to the scarecrow's shirt.  

Step 10:

Next, using your spray can tool, add highlights and shading to your pumpkins and other various objects.  This spray can easily adds highlights and shadows.  This gives your drawing dimention. 

Step 11: 11th Step

It is very important to add highlights to objects.  These baloons for example are spherical so they will have a near white highlight. 

Step 12:

Now create a new bottom layer.  This layer will be your backround.  Choose green for your grass, and brown for the dirt road.  

Step 13: Eyes!

Here you can add the eye whites and eventually the pupils of the pumpkins.  The eyes of the pumpkins can be any size circle or oval.  After doing the whites, you should add the eye blacks.   After you have done the eyes, on another layer, add more shadows.  You should also add details like grass and  other objects.  You should also draw the bows on the stems of the girl pumpkins.  Add shadows to them for more deminsion.  Remember, shading is key!

Step 14:

After shading and adding a few more details, you should have your final product! Congradulations, you have drawn an amazing Pumpkin Patch Party!

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    4 Discussions


    7 years ago on Introduction

    So cute! I love the bouncing pumpkins and the girl pumpkins watching the boyband! Love "Pin the Stem on the Pumpkin"!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Wonderful work! It is so cute! It really stands out from the othes because of its direction towards children and its happiness! Keep up the great work, and I cannot wait to see what comes in the future!

    very cute! great work showing the whole process, have you ever painted a real pumpkin like this?