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Introduction: Pumpkin Patch Pops

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A symbol of autumn - on a stick !
Spice cake flavored cake pop.

Step 1: Ingredients

You will need:

1 box of cake mix ( + eggs, oil, water)
candy melts -2 bags
gel food dye (not the kind for icing)
Pretzel rods - 6
decorator's bag
lollipop sticks 6"-9" - 12
Wax paper

12 cake pops

Step 2: Make the Cake Pops

The basis of this treat is a cake pop.
I made my pumpkins out of spice cake (ignore the "red velvet" box on the photo)
Here's how I make cake pops but there are other techniques.

To make a cake pop you basically bake one cake from a box. Follow directions and let cool.
Crumble up cake mix into fine crumbs in a bowl.
Put in a couple heaping table spoons of icing. Mix that together and keep adding icing until you get the consistency of a pliable dough.
Roll those in to balls. (2-1/2" diameter roughly)
Dip a sucker stick into candy melts. (premixed orange)
Put the stick in the center of a ball. let the candy set.
I would put them upside down on wax paper at this time.

Step 3: Candy Ivy and Leaves

While your sticks are setting into the cake pops you can make the ivy and leaves.
Mix up roughly 1/2 cup of melted candy melts and mix in the green dye.
Attach the application tip to your decorator's bag and spoon in the green candy.
Squeeze out a pattern of swirls and leaves on wax paper.
Allow to set.

Step 4: Adding the Greenery

Dunk the whole ball into orange colored candy melts ( 1-3/4 cup =12 pops) and gently tap off excess candy. Stick in a styrofoam block or box with small holes poked in it.
While the candy coating is still wet gently take a about a half inch of pretzel rod and stick it on the top of your cake pop to be the stem of your pumpkin.
Then, gently place a couple pieces of your green ivy on the top half of the cake pop. Place it near the stem. You can even overlap ivy.

Step 5: Enjoy

Let the candy set.

You can then wrap the pops in cellophane or clear plastic. Be very gentle when doing this- the slightest force can snap any thin candy ivy poking off the sides.

Enjoy for Halloween, Thanksgiving, or anytime for that matter!

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